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“Consistently the Best in Hayward”

Reviewed August 17, 2015

Angler’s Haven remains the best managed resort and lakeside pub in the Hayward area. Even with ownership transition, its character and quality remain.



“Great food, great service! Nice, casual atmosphere”

Reviewed August 7, 2015

Went with a friend and two kids. We sat on the deck outside overlooking the lake during a rainstorm. We kept eating during the storm because the food was THAT good. They don’t take reservations, instead they have a dry erase board where you write your name and the number in your party and they call you. It’s very bar-oriented, but cute and clean. All of the staff are very friendly and helpful. I have been in Hayward for 5 years and I just found this place, I didn’t realize it was separate from Angler’s on main st. in Hayward. It is also WAY better, in every aspect. We got the berry picker pizza which has wild rice, feta cheese, dried cranberries and chicken and it’s AMAZING. This is our new favorite.



“Hidden Gem!”

Reviewed June 25, 2015

Wow, Trip adviser nailed this one! My wife and I went on a day trip to Hayward and decided to visit Anglers Haven after seeing the reviews. Great atmosphere, great pizza and most of all great people. We will make another 90 mile visit just to eat and drink at Anglers Haven again very soon!



“Best Pizza in the area”

Reviewed June 9, 2015

My wife had known the previous owners of Anglers for over 25 years. It was an obvious “place to go” for those that lived in the area, as well as those that make the Hayward Lakes home on weekends and during the summer. It was impossible to enter the place without seeing someone you knew, and the smiles and the jokes would begin again.

Kelsey and Jordan could not have been more perfectly suited to take over and continue many of the great traditions that you look for in a north woods pub and eatery. They are both energetic and friendly, they remember you, and they appreciate that you are stopping in. We visit Anglers all year long, with their location being perfectly placed on the super highway of excellent trails built by the locals. In the summer, the view is tremendous, and you have the easy option of eating outside on the deck.

For food, there really is only one option…..the Pizza! Our traditional favorite has been the Tackle Box, with healthy chunks ( I said chunks) of sausage, Canadian Bacon, pepperoni and ground beef on hand built thin and flaky crust. Lately, we have been mixing in the Rustica, which increases the dosage of Bell Peppers, red sauce, mushrooms and garlic to the same crust.

Some people might pull up the menu online for Anglers, and balk at the cost of the pizzas. Don’t let that throw you in the least. The Anglers’ pizzas are loaded, and its a constant parade of take home boxes exiting the door every night. Well worth the price. As for the beverage side of things, Jordan will serve you any beer you wish, but will also be quick to point out they have lots of Leinie photos and signed memorabilia around the place. Mixed Drinks are right in the wheelhouse of what you come to expect in the area…no scrimping.

If a person had to find a downside on any of this, it might be that its hard to get in the door on some weekends. There are several times we have pulled up, and we wished they would have expanded. On the other hand, its part of what makes Anglers what it is; our favorite area lakeside pub.


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